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  1. Skateboarding Australia (SbA) is the governing body for the development of the sport of skateboarding in Australia.
  2. SbA operates a website (http://skateboardingaustralia.org.au/) (Website) through which it delivers content to its members and the public to develop skateboarding at all levels and to increase opportunities for skateboarders in Australia.
  3. SbA recognises the value that the internet can bring as a platform for the sharing of information and ideas and as a tool for the delivery of education.
  4. SbA also recognises that there may be occasions where members of the public who access the Website see content they do not wish to be exposed to.
  5. SbA has developed this Website Code of Practice (Code) to be clear about its editorial policy in relation to the content placed by SbA on the Website.


The Code aims to:

a) Provide a framework for SbA’s delivery of content on the Website in the context of SbA’s objectives to present content that addresses a range of issues relevant to our stakeholders, with such content to be delivered from a variety of perspectives representing various experiences, presented in all sorts of ways, with contributions from a diverse range of sources; and

b) Provide a clear, transparent and responsible Code to promote confidence in the Website and encourage use.


In seeking to achieve its objectives, the Code applies the following principles:

a) Diversity

SbA recognises that whilst each of its members and stakeholders might share similar interests, each are different and unique in their own right. To this end, SbA will endeavour to deliver content on the Website that is aimed at a diverse range of people and organisations..

b)  Freedom of Expression and innovation

SbA understands that there can be great variation in the way people express themselves. Accordingly, in delivering content SbA will freely express its ideas in innovative ways, and will endeavour to provide content that is not discriminatory, defamatory or otherwise deemed unacceptable.

SbA acknowledges that content it delivers to the Website might cause harm or offence to other users of the Website. In those circumstances, regard must be had to the context in which the content appears, as what may be inappropriate and unacceptable in one context may be appropriate and acceptable in another. For the purposes of the Code context includes, but is not confined to:

.    (i) the duration or prominence of the content;

.    (ii) the surrounding content;

.    (iii) the likely size and composition of the potential or target audience and likely expectation of the audience;

.    (iv) the harm or offence likely to be caused by the inclusion of the particular content on the Website; and

.    (v)  the effect of the content on audiences who may come across it unawares.

SbA is sensitive to generally accepted standards and in maintaining the content on the Website, SbA will where it deems appropriate take steps to mitigate any content likely to cause harm or offence. When making such judgment, SbA will apply its discretion to the factors above, which will not necessarily carry equal weight.

SbA will take all reasonable steps to ensure the content on the Website complies with this Code. If you wish to make a complaint about any of the Website content, please send your complaint in writing to [email protected].

Any queries in relation to the Website or the Code can be directed to [email protected].