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What is Skateboarding Australia?

Skateboarding Australia (SbA) promotes the growth and development of skateboarding in Australia. Our role is to develop skateboarding at all levels and to increase opportunities for skateboarders.

SbA is the fundamental platform and linkage between the Federal Government and the Australian skateboarding community.

SbA, along with valued support from the Australian skateboard industry, is increasing overall awareness and participation opportunities for skateboarders in Australia through the delivery of regular, high quality and professionally managed events.

Unfortunately there are no volunteer coordinators within SbA. SbA does not generate revenue and relies entirely on ASC funding to operate as all staff, coaches and operations are fully paid by ASC funding and from Skate Australia funds. Subsequently, in June 2015, when ASC withdrew its funding all SbA activities had to be put on hold until further notice.

There are several alternative skateboarding organisations in Australia – Skateboarding Australia is the only skateboarding organisation in Australia recognised by the Australian Government.

SbA offers ASC-reconised coaching accreditation which ensures its coaches are covered for professional indemnity. ((Important note. Professional indemnity clauses in insurance only covers coaches and officials who are qualified by Govt accredited programs)

What is SbA’s vision?

Skateboarding Australia seeks to be the agent of change, the vehicle, which assists to propel and promote skateboarding’s positive, creative and unique lifestyle.

How does Skateboarding Australia receive its funding?

In 2005 the nonprofit National Sporting Organisation, Skate Australia (SA), established Skateboarding Australia to ensure the recognition of the unique skateboarding culture was nurtured with distinct branding and management that reflects the needs of Australia’s skateboarding community.

The Federal Government via the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) currently funds skate activities through Skate Australia, as well from membership fees.

Skateboarding Australia has received over two-thirds of all ASC funding. Since June 2015, ASC stopped its funding.

Skate Australia is?

Skate Australia is the governing body for all skating-based sports disciplines within Australia, working in partnership with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and State Skating Associations.

Skate Australia is recognised as a National Sporting Organisation (NSO) which brings together the diverse and active skating disciplines of Inline Hockey, Artistic Skating, Speed Skating, Roller Hockey, Roller Derby and Skateboarding and Rolling (Aggressive Inline).

ASC only provides funding to Nationally recorgnised Sporting Organisations

What is the ASC?

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is a statutory authority of the Australian Government.

The ASC Mission is to – ‘To enrich the lives of all Australians through sport’

ASC only provides funding to Nationally recorgnised Sporting Organisations

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What is the composition of the Skate Australia board?

The Skate Australia Board is an independent board of volunteer directors who ensure that the organisation operates responsibly to promote all skate-based sports for the benefit of its members.

The Board has the responsibility of ensuring that all policies and governance principles are applied, as part of being a National Sporting Organisation (NSO) recognised by the Australian Sports Commission

Can skateboarders nominate to become a member of the Skate Australia board?


Have skateboarders nominated to become a member of the Skate Australia board?

Yes (Simon Oxenham – 2012).

How is funding allocated within Skate Australia?

The allocation for funding between the skate sports of Skate Australia is determined by Australian Sports Commission (ASC) funding agreement. Until June 2015, skateboarding has received over two-thirds of ASC annual funding to operate skateboarding activities.

Is SbA a non-profit organization?

The development branch of Skateboarding Australia is non-profit. SbA Pty Ltd. is a private company limited by a guarantee.

How much funding will Skate Australia receive from the ASC for this financial year?

2014/15: $686,000, of which over $425,000 was allocated to SbA

2015/16: $0

How much of this ASC funding will be allocated to SbA for this financial year?

2014/15: $425,000

2015/16: $0

Does Skate Australia receive Winning Edge (High Performance Funding) from the ASC?

No. Currently Skate Australia only receives participation funding.